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The PSALMS:A New Translation

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There are 150 Psalms in the Old Testament. Many of these Psalms are attributed to King David.

Psalms are by definition "the words which accompany music" (Greek psalmos) In David's case, he would sing these words to the Lord while playing his harp.

One could think of the Psalms as musical prayers. The problem, however, is that these sacred songs lose much of their musical quality upon translation into English, and subsequently they seemingly read like any other prosaic passage of scripture. I believe that this does a tremendous disservice to the Psalms and the divine harmony that they are meant to invoke.

This is where I come in. I have made it my mission to give the Psalms their melodious quality back. That is to say, I am currently translating all 150 Psalms from the typical, clunky English verse we find in our Bibles, to a more musical rendition that is truer to their original purpose.

This new version of the Psalms is not a word-for-word translation by any means. Nevertheless, it is this poet's main objective to stay as true to the Psalms' original intent as possible. 

Thus far, I have put the first 25  Psalms on display. More will be added each week.

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Blessed is the man,

Who avoids wicked counsel,

Who stands not to sin,

Who sits not to scowl.

Instead he follows

The law of what is right,

And he meditates on the Bible

Every single day and night

Like a tree that is growing

Along the banks of the river,

You give forth a great bounty

And you'll prosper forever.

The wicked are not so, 

They're like dust in the wind.

They never will prosper

God is far from their friend.

They can't hold a candle to

The ways that we're blessed.

God gives love to the righteous,

But to the wicked just death.


Why do nations conspire

With plots so futile and vain?

Kings put themselves higher

Than God's people and name.

He who sits in heaven, laughs

At attempts that are made

To undermine the Father's wrath.

"My king of Zion has been proclaimed!"

This is what the Lord has done:

He said to me, "For what it's worth,

You are my begotten son

And I will give you the earth.

You shall break it in pieces

And make them rue the day

They challenged God, with an iron rod,

And break them like potter's clay."

So therefore you rulers

You kings of this planet

God's so much higher than you!

Oh please understand it.

Your powers are worthless,

So it's futile to try.

Either take refuge in him

Or you are choosing to die.

Oh God, all my enemies

Are growing obnoxious.

Meanwhile they say of me:

"His God cannot stop us!"

But God you are my fortress,

An unbreakable sword.

I call to you in the wilderness

And you're there for me Lord,

I go to sleep and I awake

And you give me my fill.

No matter who's against me,

You make me king of this hill.

So Lord, please arise,

And help me defeat my foes.

Smite them and blind their eyes

And bless the people that you chose.



Adonai, answer me!

I know you are there

All I hear are crickets lately

Please answer my prayer!

Oh men I ask you,

How long will you shame me?

You lie about me and doubt me.

You're making God angry.

Be angry, but don't sin

Think about it overnight

You know trusting in Him

Is the only thing that is right.

Offer good gifts to him

And pray to him for light

He has put love in my heart

And he helps me sleep at night.


Give my words an ear to hear.

God, please heed my groaning.

I am crying out, "Are you there?"

Only you can make me holy.

Oh Lord, in the morning

I know you hear my words.

I sacrifice to your glory

And then I just observe.

You are a God who despises

Wickedness in all its guises.

Wicked men will realize this.

They're in for terrible surprises.

I know my sacrifices

And relentless devotion,

Will show me what is righteous

When my foes get ferocious.

All they do is lie, Lord

And slander your Name.

Their letters die on their tongue

Like their throat is their grave.

Let those who sing your praise

Be saved when they need.

You are our shield, Lord

And you are righteous indeed!


Don't rebuke me in anger,

Lord, or smite me with wrath

I'm aching with a pain.

Lord, how long will it last?

Save me from this pain, Lord,

For the sake of your love.

Because if I'm away Lord,

Who will praise what's above?

I am weary of all this crying,

I flood my bed with tears.

My grief is multiplying.

I am weakened by my fears.

And to my foes who rose to evil,

Please leave me alone!

The Lord has heard my weeping

And he is here in this poem.

All my foes will be sorry

For the mistakes that they made.

When they tried to destroy me,

They'll all be put to shame.


I need somewhere to hide

Lord, you are my haven.

Men chase me like a lion

Beyond the point of saving.

Lord, if I have done wrong,

If I have sinned against a friend,

I beg you then let these men

Tear me limb from limb

And crush me till I'm dead.

Stamp my soul into the ground,

I've done wrong, Lord,

I don't deserve to make a sound.

But arise O Lord in anger

Against those who go against us.

Awake O Lord and make those

Foes pay for their transgressions!

Our Lord judges all,

So I ask you: Lord please judge me

According to the justice involved

In how much you trust me.

Let the evil of wicked cease,

And with righteous replace them,

And we will finally realize peace,

And see God for his patience.

My strength is the Lord,

He is the judge of what's fair.

Everyday there are many, though,

Who cause him despair.

If a man is unrepentant,

God will draw his weapon:

A legendary bow and arrow,

Raining fires of Armageddon.

Evil men will learn their lessons

Their lies dig deeper trenches.

The consequences of their actions

Are as bad as their intentions.

Lord I want to thank you.

Your justice is divine..

Lord I sing your praises,

"Praise the Lord Most High!"


Adonai! Adonai!

Earth honors your name.

You are the glory of heaven,

All the innocent proclaim.

You are the fortress,

Our defense against foes.

When those who would advance

They stopped and they froze.

When I look up to heaven

And see the stars and the moon,

Their beauty and wonder,

How could you care for us too?

You made us as you are,

But lesser of course.

You gave us this world

Like: here, it's all yours.

From the beasts of the field

To the birds of the air,

To the fish of the sea,

It is all ours to share.

Adonai! Adonai!

Earth honors your name.

You are the glory of heaven,

All the innocent proclaim.


With my whole heart Lord,

I give you thanks and praise.

If all I did was praise the Lord,

I would enjoy my days.

My enemies turned away

'Cause you were by my side.

You've helped me stay the course.

Lord, your judgment's wise.

You have rebuked the nations

And destroyed the evil doers;

You've blotted out their names

And you left them all in ruins.

On his everlasting throne

The Lord sits in judgment,

And he judges the whole world

With righteousness & justice.

Lord, you are my fortress

To all of the oppressed.

All those who seek you out,

You will always protect.

He defends the afflicted

And those who seek his strength.

At the gates of the daughter

of Zion, I seek your face.

The nations have fallen

Into the pit which they made.

The Lord has made his judgment,

It's the path that they paved.

The wicked shall depart

These nations that forgot

Who God is; they'll remember

Like the poor do -- who are not.


Arise Adonai!

And knock man off his throne.

Teach him you're divine

And he's nothing but flesh & bone. 


Lord, why do you hide

During troubling times?

The wicked scorn your poor

And they do it with pride.

Their hearts are filled with greed,

And their desire for gain,

In you, they don't believe,

And they even curse your name.

Their ways always prosper.

Your judgment's out of sight.

They put fear in their opponents.

"I shall not be moved to fight!"

Their mouth is full of curses,

Deceit and oppression.

They lie in wait to ambush.

They are vile and wretched.

They wait with a net,

In order to snare the poor.

You seem to be gone

They think: what's it to the Lord?

Arise Adonai!

The wicked ones deny you.

Their evil is rationalized like:

"He doesn't care what I do."

I know that you see it,

All this trouble that's around.

Our hand outstretched & reaching,

You always help us off the ground.

Break the arm of the wicked.

Lord, crush the evildoer!

Wipe those nations from the earth,

And give birth to something newer.

Do you hear the meek, Lord?

Will you strengthen their heart?

Crush those who hurt the poor?

Will you give them a new start?

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The Lord is my fortress

See, I've been told to flee

Like a bird into the mountains

To avoid my enemies.

The Lord sits and watches

From his heavenly seat.

His eye behold the consequences

Of his children he sees.


The Lord tests the righteous

And the wicked he despises,

Because his image and likeness

Wasn't supposed to like violence.

So of the wicked, he will rain coals

Of fire and brimstone.

He does this all in judgment

In heaven from his throne.


I need you help Adonai.

All the faithful have vanished.

To all their neighbors they lie.

I can't understand it.

Lord, stop lips that flatter.

They may charm with their words,

But they don't call you "master."

Give them what they deserve!


The needy have cried out.

You hear the groaning of the poor?

Like purified silver,

Is the promise of the Lord.


You provide us with shelter.

Your always there to defend.

Meanwhile, evil is exalted

Among the sons of men. 

How long, Adonai,

Will you hide in the shadows?

How long must I cry

And lose to my foes in battle?

Consider it, Adonai,

Is my time almost done?

Do you want me to die?

My enemies claim they won.

The love of you, Adonai,

I trust in it daily.

I will sing to you Lord

For all that you gave me.



The Fool says in his heart,

'God doesn't exist."

So he plays a wicked part,

And good deeds are what's missed.

God looks down from heaven

On the face of the sons of men

To see who is doing good,

Or if any seek after him.

They have all gone astray.

They are all alike corrupt.

Lord, can't they understand,

We're not bread to be  eaten up?

They shall be met with terror

For oppressing the poor.

The righteous generation

Will make this right  with the Lord.

Oh, that from Zion

Our rescue may be had.

And Jacob shall smile

And Israel shall be glad.


Who shall enter your tent, Lord?

Who shall dwell on your holy hill?

Whoever is blameless, truthful,

And means his neighbors no ill will.

In whose eyes evil is hated,

And all reprobate is shunned,

He doesn't loan money to make it.

He doesn't use it to abuse anyone.


Take care of me, Adonai,

For you are my refuge.

I look towards the sky,

I have no good without you.


All of my delight in this land

Is for the local saints,

But those who worship false gods,

I won’t even say their names.


You are my chosen portion.

Lord, you are my sacred cup.

You are what gives me nourishment.

You are what fills me up.


I bless the Lord who gives me

Protection and advice.

Why would I fear an enemy,

If God is by my side?


Because of this, I’m joyful.

My soul and body are secure.

The Lord is at my right hand,

Showing this path of life is pure.


Lord, I need your ear,

My cause is just one.

Please answer my prayer,

I need some vindication.


If you test me, Adonai,

You’ll find no lies on my lips.

I have avoided all the violence,

Not once have I slipped.


I call upon thee now.

Lord, hear what I say!

You save us when we’re down.

By your right hand we are safe.


I’m the apple of your eye,

Beneath your wing the shadow,

Yet the wicked always try

To fight me and do battle.


They close their hearts to pity,

And speak with such arrogance.

And now they’ve surrounded me

To tear me apart like a lioness.


Arise Adonai!

And overthrow them with violence.

And then give them the entire world,

Fulfill all your promises. 


As for me, I shall behold

Your face in righteousness,

And I’ll awake so satisfied,

I’ll wonder whose life this is.


I love you, O Lord.

You’re my rock and my fortress;

You’re my shield and sword,

My stronghold, my focus.


I call upon the Lord,

Who is worthy to be praised.

You’re my savior and deliverer.

From my enemies I am saved.


The snares of death were digging in.

My fears were manifesting.

It’s the beginning of the end,

Like here comes my resting.


In my distress, I called for help

And, Lord God, you heard me

All the way from your temple;

I hope my words are worthy.


But then the earth quaked,

Shaked, rattled, and cracked.

Even the mountains were breaking.

Inhaling fire, he was mad.


Flames from his mouth,

Burning coals from his lips,

Heaven came crashing down,

The darkness it was thick.


He rode an angel to the earth

On the wings of the wind.

Hail to freeze and coal to burn,

Dark clouds surrounded him.


Out of the brightness,

Came more hail and coal.

Up in Heaven, there came a voice

Followed by a lightning bolt.

The sea was revealed

With the world’s foundation.

Your breath induces death;

You rebuke with exhalation.


You deserve exaltation!

You saved me from the water,

From my stronger enemies,

When I was surely facing slaughter.


You saw something in me,

Something gave you delight.

You saved me from my enemies,

And you took up my fight.


I’ve kept the ways of the Lord;

My righteousness is right.

So I earn a just reward

For my clean hands in his sight.


To the loyal, you’re loyal.

You have no blame for the blame-less.

You’re as pure as holy oil,

To the crooked you show what pain is.


You exalt the humble

And you dethrone the haughty.

You can make an army stumble

As you help me crush the naughty.


This God, his way is perfect.

His promise is authentic

The truth is in the verdict.

He is our shield and our protection.


Who is our protector?

Who is our rock, but Adonai?

Who guided every next step?

Who made sure that I survived?


He trains me for a war.

He helps me bend the bow.

He has saved me from all.

He is all that I know!


You provided me room

To vanquish my foes.

I tracked them down and 

Crushed them beneath my toes.


I thrust through them,

So that they couldn’t rise.

You were my protector,

No one heard their cries.


They cried to the Lord

But He didn’t respond

So I wiped them away like dust

Because they didn’t trust in God


You delivered me from strife

With a nation behind me

These people saved my life

And seem to follow me blindly


Adonai is alive!

You’re my rock and fortress

You saved us from those who try

To destroy us with violence.


For this, I will proclaim

Your name throughout the nation

Triumphantly he blessed the king

And the entire line of David.


The Heavens tell a story.

The day is what it writes,

About Jehovah’s Glory,

Where Knowledge is of nights.


There’s no speech or word.

There’s no voice that’s heard,

Yet what’s said is observed

All the way across the earth.


A tent for the sun,

In them, he has made.

Nothing remains hidden,

Though, in the light of day.


Lord, your Law is perfect.

It makes my soul secure,

Wisdom so simple it shows

The Law of the Lord is pure.


Fear of the Lord’s expected, 

And will be sanctified forever.

The Lord’s Law is authentic,

And righteous altogether.


More desirable than money

Or even the finest gold.

It is sweeter than honey

Dripping from a honeycomb.


Through others, I am warned.

Lord, keep me from sin,

So blame is all but gone

And I remain innocent.


Please hear my words

And my heart’s meditation.

I hope they are worthy, Lord

‘Cause you’re my salvation.


May the Lord hear you

When you cry out in need,

Support you from Zion,

Provide sanctuary.


May he remember offerings

And sacrifices made.

May he grant you your desires,

And the things that you crave.


May we shout out in joy

As our banners are raised,

And may the Lord hear you

And the petitions you made.


I know the Lord will help

His anointed one,

From heaven where he dwells.

By his right hand, we have won.


Some boast about their horses

Or the chariots they steer.

Give victory to your king, Lord,

And grant him your holy ear.

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The king rejoices in your power
And reigns through your guidance.
He grows like a flower,
Thanks to rain you’ve provided.


The king is truly blessed.
He wears a golden crown.
Life was his request,
He will live forever now.


Thanks to you, his glory’s great.
Majesty is abounding.
His story is mixed with fate.
He’s so happy that you’re around him.


For the King trusts you Lord.

He will have no change of heart.
May his hand find your enemies,
For no one should hate you God.


When you arrive they’re like a grill:
The Lord consumes them on this pyre.
In his wrath they will be killed,
And swallowed up in his fire.


Eliminate their offspring
From the face of this earth.
No more descendants will
Ever celebrate another birth.


If anyone ever plots and devises
Evil, it’ll be quite an ironic show
As God’s arrows pierce their eyelids
They’ll see the mighty power of his bow.


Oh why, Adonai,
Hast thou forsaken me?
Why are you out of reach of my call?


All day long I cry
With out you beside me,
And at night I hardly even sleep at all.


You are holy, I know,
Raised by Israel’s praises.
They trusted you in days of Old,
As such, you always saved them.


But I am like a worm,
Not a man I’m degraded.
I am scorned by the people.
Believe me, I’m hated.


“He follows the Lord.
Let the Lord be his help.”
See, Lord, I need you now.
I am all by myself.


You have always been there,
Lord, since my infancy,

But I feel a coming war
So I need you here with me.


Many bulls circle round me,
They viciously surround me,
Licking their chops menacingly,
Like a Lion before its pouncing.


I am poured out like water.
My bones are out of whack.
My heart is like a candle:
A melted puddle of wax.


My strength has relocated.
Its nature’s nomadic.
I grit my teeth and face the fact that
I am facing disaster.


These dogs encircle me.
Evildoers surround me.
They’ve done me discourtesy,
Piercing my hands and feet so proudly.


They stand over me gloating,
I can count all my bones,
While they start rolling dice
To divide up my clothes.


Oh Lord, stay in proximity,
I need you around me.
The bulls, lions, and dogs
Relentlessly hound me.


I say your name to the nation.
I praise you to the congregation,
To all who fear the Lord,
To every last son of Jacob.


You hear us when we cry out.
You don’t hate our affliction.
You would never hide from us,
When we pray you always listen.


From me comes the praises
To the great congregation.
The afflicted will be elated,

For the Lord rules the nations.

Pride will bow before him.
Future men will proclaim the Lord
Is the deliverer to generations
Yet to be born.


I shall not desire.
Who’s my shepherd the Lord is.
I lie down in these pastures
And sit beside the still waters.


He restores my soul to
A place of righteousness.
He continues to show
Us just how much his name is just.


Even though I walk through
The shadow of death,
In this valley, I fear no evil,
For he’s the staff that protects


Me in my enemies’ presence,
Where his table is set.
He’s anointed my head with oil.
I’m forever in his debt.


The earth is the Lord’s.
The world is his too.
He founded the seas and
Established rivers of blue.


Who shall climb the Lord’s hill?
Who shall stand on holy land?
He with purity of heart
And no filth on his hand.


The truth leads to vindication.
Trust the Lord for salvation.
He will bless each generation
That follows the God of Jacob.


Lift up your eyes, oh gates!
Rise you ancient doors!
Who is the King of Glory?
It’s the strong and mighty Lord.


Lift up your eyes, oh gates!
Rise you ancient doors!
The Lord of Hosts has a story,
The King of Glory is your Lord.


I lift up my soul
To the Lord that I trust.
Please save me from shame
And those treacherous


Enemies of mine.
Let them feel ashamed.
I will wait my whole life
For you to show me your way.


For through you, I’m saved.
Your mercy’s a blessing.
Your love has always been praised.
Please forgive me my transgressions.


Good and upright is the Lord.
You show sinners the way.
You lead the humble in what’s right
And they humbly obey.


All the paths of the Lord
Are made of love and faith.
For those that keep the covenant,
He will show them why he’s great.


For your name’s sake Lord,
Please pardon my guilt.
Who fears the Lord?
The one he’s called to himself.


This one will prosper,
His reward will be great.
The ones who fear his power,
Know the covenant and obey.


My eyes are ever upward,
For he will free me from this snare,
And bring me out of my distress.
Please forgive me and hear my prayer.


Consider all my enemies,
Violently they hate me,
I ask that you protect me Lord,
For you I’ll be waiting.


Oh God, please hear my call
Israel needs saving.


Oh Adonai, I seek vindication.

Everything I do, I do it for you,

My trust unwavering

Try me Lord & you'll see how I adore you

I don't commune with fraudsters

Or any who destroys,

I hate the sight of wicked men

And all their wicked ploys.

I wash my hands in innocence

And stand beside your altar.

I sing your song of praise,

With your grace I never falter.

I love the atmosphere

Of your holy abode.

Don't treat me like the greedy ones

Here, who do what I don't.

My integrity walks with me.

Redeem me Lord, be gracious,

And I will praise your name

In the great congregation.


The Lord is my light and

My life and my salvation.

Of whom should I be frightened, when

Through the Lord I'm strengthened?

When evil men pursue me

And disparage me with gossip,

My adversaries do not scare me

I stand here with confidence.

One thing I've asked the Lord for,

As I sing to him in tempo,

Is to dwell forever in his house

And see his beauty in his temple.

He will protect me in his tent, or

Hide me in his shelter,

Or set me high upon a rock

And conceal me from the monster.

My head will be lifted up

As my enemies think of harming me,

While I sacrifice to you, Oh Lord,

And sing your love with harmony.

Hear, Oh Lord, I cry aloud

Be gracious and respond

You say to seek your face, I seek

Your face. Don't conceal it from me God

Don't turn me away in anger.

You have helped me all along.

I have already lost my dad and mom.

Please don't forsake me Lord.

Teach me your way, Lord.

Don't let my enemies win,

These false witnesses 

All they witness is sin.

In the land of the living,

The Lord's goodness will be seen.

I will wait for the Lord (be strong).

I will wait for the Lord, indeed!


Please don't be deaf to me

I call to thee, Oh Lord, my rock

You see, your silence to me

Is really too much of a shock.

Hear my cry for help.

Verily, my pain is very.

I lift up my hands to you:

Thy most holy sanctuary.

Don't count me among the wicked,

And those workers of evil,

Who tell their neighbors lies,

Hiding how they really feel.

Repay their deeds in kind,

According to the degree

Of evil they commit;

Their profit you give it free.

Blessed be the Lord,

He has heard all my petitions.

He is my strength and my shield.

I sing this song because he listens.

He is strength for his people.

For his anointed, he's a rock.

The Lord is the shepherd in the field,

Forever leading his flock.


Ascribe to the Lord, you angels of earth,

Ascribe to the Lord glory and strength

Ascribe to the Lord gloriousness

Of his name, when you worship him in holy array.

The voice of the Lord is upon the waters.

His voice in glory thunders.

The powerful voice upon the waters

Is the Lord's glorious wonder.

The voice of the Lord cuts through the trees,

The voice breaks the cedars of Lebanon.

Yet, he also makes Lebanon skip like a calf

And he makes a wild ox out of Sirion.

The voice of the Lord flashes like fire.

His voice shakes the wilderness.

Like flames of fire, the Lord

Shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.

The voice of the Lord spins all

The oak trees in the forest,

While those in your temple

Sing songs of your Glory.

The Lord reigns over the flood.

He reigns as a king forever more.

My the Lord protect the people

And may the people feel the peace of the Lord.


I have been raised up,

So I glorify Adonai.

And my foes do not rejoice,

Because you have heard my cry.

Oh Lord, you have drawn

My soul from that place,

Down in the pit, with all

THe others living lives of waste.

I sing praise to you, Oh Lord.

Give thanks to him, you saints.

He's angry but for a moment.

Remember his favor forever remains.

Though the night might seem dark,

Tomorrow's a new day.

The Lord made me his mountain

But he hid his face from me.

To thee, Oh Lord, I cried

I begged to him and pleaded.

What profit is it if I die?

If I'm in the pit defeated?

Who will praise you then?

Who will tell the Lord you're faithful?

Oh Lord, help your helper!

I'll be eternally grateful.

From mourning to dancing

You have reversed my course.

Oh Lord, I praise you always

I am eternally yours!


In you, Lord, I seek refuge.

Deliver me from shame.

You are my rock, my rescuer,

Please incline your ear to me.

You are my fortress and rock,

Please guide me in your name.

Into your hands, I commit my spirit,

And through faith I am redeemed.

You hate those who worship idols.

My faith is in you Lord.

I rejoice in you, 'cause my survival

Is simply thanks to your love.

Be gracious to me Lord, I need your help

My eyes are all cried out.

I spend my time in sorrow all by myself

Like I might as well die now.

I am the scorn of my enemies,

A horror to my neighbors,

An object of dread to strangers;

People who see me feel endangered.

I have passed from the mind

Like one who's already dead.

They whisper on all sides

Of me, plot against me in my head.

But I trust in you, Oh Lord.

I say that you're my God.

My life is given forth,

Please protect me from the charge.

Let your face shine down

Let me not be put to shame.

I call on the right now.

Oh Lord I shout your name!

Let slandering lips

Be rendered mute with your intent.

All they do is speak lies

With too mcuh pride and contempt.

Your goodness is so abundant.

Those who fear you will get it.

It's refuge for the sons of men.

They can hide in your presence

From the evil plots of men,

And the wicked that they've done.

We are safe with you, Oh Lord

From the lies of their tongue.

Blessed be the Lord

For he has exceedingly shown

His love for me when I'm in need

Even when I felt alone.

So I implore you love the Lord

All you saints be ever faithful.

He punishes the haughty in equal measure

As abundantly as he blesses the patient,

humble people.


Blessed is he, whose sin is forgiven,

Who holds no shame in his soul.

Blessed is he, free of transgression;

The Lord has completely made him whole.

When I denied my sin

My body wasted to but a portion.

Everyday I felt the weight of my guilt.

Oh Lord, I felt exhausted.

I acknowledge my sin to you;

I never meant to hide my shame.

When I confessed my sins

You relieved my guilt's tremendous weight.

So let the Godly pray to you

When trouble isi n the water.

You have become my hiding place,

And delivered me from slaughter.

I will teach you all the course,

Which path you should pursue,

But don't think like a horse

Or understand like a mule.

The wicked suffer many pains,

But those who trust in God

Should rejoice all their days;

You have an upright heart.


Sing a song to the Lord

Like a powerful choir.

The righteous rejoice

Through a ten string lyre.


For the Word of God is true

And his work is ever faithful.

He loves what the righteous do,

So the earth is forever grateful.


God spoke the heavens

Into existence with his Word.

He stores up the oceans,

Where he keeps them all preserved.


All should fear the Lord

And stand in awe of him.

For all he does is give the Word

And he wills all of this.


The Lord can make a king

Or a nation non-existent

Who cares if man has a plan

If to God he never listened?

It is God who remains eternal,

The Word to generations,

From the story of creation

To his promise to a nation.

The Lord looks down from heaven

And sees the sons of men;

He sees his creation and

The hearts inside of them.

A king can have an army,

A soldier can have the strength,

But once the war has started,

It is only the Lord who saves.

The Lord's watchful eyes

Are on those who fear him.

Their souls never die,

And he protects them from famine.

Our soul waits for him,

For the Lord is our defense.

And this lifts our spirits.

For we know that we are blessed.


Praise of the Lord

Is forever on my lips.

We praise his name together,

Whomever pain inflicts.

I sought the Lord in trial.

He delivered me from fear.

Look to him and smile,

No need to shed a tear.

The poor man cried for help.

The Lord saved him form woe

The angel of the Lord protects

All who fear him where they go.

Oh taste and see his goodness,

And happy you will be.

Those who fear the Lord,

Have everything they need.

A lion suffers want.

Those who seek the Lord lack nothing.

From evil now depart,

And after peace start running.

Come, O Sons, and learn

To fear the Lord is needed.

Keep your tongue from evil

'Cause good will keep you breathing.

God's eyes are gazing upon

The righteous when the cry.

The evil are washed away

And they are forgotten when they die.

When the righteous cry for help,

The Lord comes to their aid.

The Lord hears the broken-hearted.

The crushed in spirit will be saved.

The righteous are saved

From trouble with which they contend.

Those who seek the Lord for help

Will never be condemned.

It is evil, he condemns.

The wicked will be sorry

That they didn't fear the Lord,

For that fear destroys all worry.

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