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The PSALMS:A New Translation

The Psalms

There are 150 Psalms in the Old Testament. Many of these Psalms are attributed to King David.

Psalms are by definition "the words which accompany music" (Greek psalmos) In David's case, he would sing these words to the Lord while playing his harp.

One could think of the Psalms as musical prayers. The problem, however, is that these sacred songs lose much of their musical quality upon translation into English, and subsequently they seemingly read like any other prosaic passage of scripture. I believe that this does a tremendous disservice to the Psalms and the divine harmony that they are meant to invoke.

This is where I come in. I have made it my mission to give the Psalms their melodious quality back. That is to say, I am currently translating all 150 Psalms from the typical, clunky English verse we find in our Bibles, to a more musical rendition that is truer to their original purpose.

This new version of the Psalms is not a word-for-word translation by any means. Nevertheless, it is this poet's main objective to stay as true to the Psalms' original intent as possible. 

I have put the first 25  Psalms on display. For More Subscribe to site.


Blessed is the man,

Who avoids wicked counsel,

Who stands not to sin,

Who sits not to scowl.

Instead he follows

The law of what is right,

And he meditates on the Bible

Every single day and night

Like a tree that is growing

Along the banks of the river,

You give forth a great bounty

And you'll prosper forever.

The wicked are not so, 

They're like dust in the wind.

They never will prosper

God is far from their friend.

They can't hold a candle to

The ways that we're blessed.

God gives love to the righteous,

But to the wicked just death.


Why do nations conspire

With plots so futile and vain?

Kings put themselves higher

Than God's people and name.

He who sits in heaven, laughs

At attempts that are made

To undermine the Father's wrath.

"My king of Zion has been proclaimed!"

This is what the Lord has done:

He said to me, "For what it's worth,

You are my begotten son

And I will give you the earth.

You shall break it in pieces

And make them rue the day

They challenged God, with an iron rod,

And break them like potter's clay."

So therefore you rulers

You kings of this planet

God's so much higher than you!

Oh please understand it.

Your powers are worthless,

So it's futile to try.

Either take refuge in him

Or you are choosing to die.

Oh God, all my enemies

Are growing obnoxious.

Meanwhile they say of me:

"His God cannot stop us!"

But God you are my fortress,

An unbreakable sword.

I call to you in the wilderness

And you're there for me Lord,

I go to sleep and I awake

And you give me my fill.

No matter who's against me,

You make me king of this hill.

So Lord, please arise,

And help me defeat my foes.

Smite them and blind their eyes

And bless the people that you chose.



Adonai, answer me!

I know you are there

All I hear are crickets lately

Please answer my prayer!

Oh men I ask you,

How long will you shame me?

You lie about me and doubt me.

You're making God angry.

Be angry, but don't sin

Think about it overnight

You know trusting in Him

Is the only thing that is right.

Offer good gifts to him

And pray to him for light

He has put love in my heart

And he helps me sleep at night.


Give my words an ear to hear.

God, please heed my groaning.

I am crying out, "Are you there?"

Only you can make me holy.

Oh Lord, in the morning

I know you hear my words.

I sacrifice to your glory

And then I just observe.

You are a God who despises

Wickedness in all its guises.

Wicked men will realize this.

They're in for terrible surprises.

I know my sacrifices

And relentless devotion,

Will show me what is righteous

When my foes get ferocious.

All they do is lie, Lord

And slander your Name.

Their letters die on their tongue

Like their throat is their grave.

Let those who sing your praise

Be saved when they need.

You are our shield, Lord

And you are righteous indeed!


Don't rebuke me in anger,

Lord, or smite me with wrath

I'm aching with a pain.

Lord, how long will it last?

Save me from this pain, Lord,

For the sake of your love.

Because if I'm away Lord,

Who will praise what's above?

I am weary of all this crying,

I flood my bed with tears.

My grief is multiplying.

I am weakened by my fears.

And to my foes who rose to evil,

Please leave me alone!

The Lord has heard my weeping

And he is here in this poem.

All my foes will be sorry

For the mistakes that they made.

When they tried to destroy me,

They'll all be put to shame.


I need somewhere to hide

Lord, you are my haven.

Men chase me like a lion

Beyond the point of saving.

Lord, if I have done wrong,

If I have sinned against a friend,

I beg you then let these men

Tear me limb from limb

And crush me till I'm dead.

Stamp my soul into the ground,

I've done wrong, Lord,

I don't deserve to make a sound.

But arise O Lord in anger

Against those who go against us.

Awake O Lord and make those

Foes pay for their transgressions!

Our Lord judges all,

So I ask you: Lord please judge me

According to the justice involved

In how much you trust me.

Let the evil of wicked cease,

And with righteous replace them,

And we will finally realize peace,

And see God for his patience.

My strength is the Lord,

He is the judge of what's fair.

Everyday there are many, though,

Who cause him despair.

If a man is unrepentant,

God will draw his weapon:

A legendary bow and arrow,

Raining fires of Armageddon.

Evil men will learn their lessons

Their lies dig deeper trenches.

The consequences of their actions

Are as bad as their intentions.

Lord I want to thank you.

Your justice is divine..

Lord I sing your praises,

"Praise the Lord Most High!"


Adonai! Adonai!

Earth honors your name.

You are the glory of heaven,

All the innocent proclaim.

You are the fortress,

Our defense against foes.

When those who would advance

They stopped and they froze.

When I look up to heaven

And see the stars and the moon,

Their beauty and wonder,

How could you care for us too?

You made us as you are,

But lesser of course.

You gave us this world

Like: here, it's all yours.

From the beasts of the field

To the birds of the air,

To the fish of the sea,

It is all ours to share.

Adonai! Adonai!

Earth honors your name.

You are the glory of heaven,

All the innocent proclaim.


With my whole heart Lord,

I give you thanks and praise.

If all I did was praise the Lord,

I would enjoy my days.

My enemies turned away

'Cause you were by my side.

You've helped me stay the course.

Lord, your judgment's wise.

You have rebuked the nations

And destroyed the evil doers;

You've blotted out their names

And you left them all in ruins.

On his everlasting throne

The Lord sits in judgment,

And he judges the whole world

With righteousness & justice.

Lord, you are my fortress

To all of the oppressed.

All those who seek you out,

You will always protect.

He defends the afflicted

And those who seek his strength.

At the gates of the daughter

of Zion, I seek your face.

The nations have fallen

Into the pit which they made.

The Lord has made his judgment,

It's the path that they paved.

The wicked shall depart

These nations that forgot

Who God is; they'll remember

Like the poor do -- who are not.


Arise Adonai!

And knock man off his throne.

Teach him you're divine

And he's nothing but flesh & bone. 


Lord, why do you hide

During troubling times?

The wicked scorn your poor

And they do it with pride.

Their hearts are filled with greed,

And their desire for gain,

In you, they don't believe,

And they even curse your name.

Their ways always prosper.

Your judgment's out of sight.

They put fear in their opponents.

"I shall not be moved to fight!"

Their mouth is full of curses,

Deceit and oppression.

They lie in wait to ambush.

They are vile and wretched.

They wait with a net,

In order to snare the poor.

You seem to be gone

They think: what's it to the Lord?

Arise Adonai!

The wicked ones deny you.

Their evil is rationalized like:

"He doesn't care what I do."

I know that you see it,

All this trouble that's around.

Our hand outstretched & reaching,

You always help us off the ground.

Break the arm of the wicked.

Lord, crush the evildoer!

Wipe those nations from the earth,

And give birth to something newer.

Do you hear the meek, Lord?

Will you strengthen their heart?

Crush those who hurt the poor?

Will you give them a new start?

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